Now Selling On Red Bubble

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Now selling on Red Bubble: DVDcartoonz designs, available for t-shirts and stickers! Bape style characters of Iron Man, Zangief from Street Fighter, Darth Vader from Star Wars wearing Jordan XI Breds, as well as a special Hello Kitty with a … Continued

Happy Birthday Jackie Robinson!

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Happy Birthday to the late great Jackie Robinson! I did about 4 re-edits because each time I was about to upload it, I realized I could have added something different each time (Baby Milo baseball, Bape Camo bat, Jackie Robinson … Continued

Top 10 Korean Americans: Dumbfoundead

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Halfway through my list already! Next up is Dumbfoundead! Easily one of the best freestylers today, and always repping Koreatown! Check out his songs and his past work, it’s all amazing. Instagram and Twitter @DVDcartoonz DVDcartoonz on FB DVDcartoonz on … Continued

My Top 10 Korean Americans Countdown: David So

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  January 13th is Korean American Day, so I’m counting down my top 10 favorite Korean Americans. Starting it off right with David So! First video I saw of him was his response to the ching chong ling long ting … Continued