Bapize Me: A Bape-Style Dress Up Game Now Live on Kickstarter!

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BAPE Character Dress Up Game
Bapize Me Kickstarter Project

Bapize Me: A Bape Style Dress Up Game!

This game will play similarly to Pharrell’s original Bape character dress-up game where players could choose different shirts, pants, shoes, and accessories to customize their character’s outfit. The biggest difference will be the scope of the game! The $2000 minimum project goal will feature 4 articles of clothing to choose from (hats, shirts, pants, and shoes) with over 24 choices each. Reach goals will feature more clothing options, character gender/stature, and even more generic faces to choose from!

The most obvious pledge award that will probably be the most popular is the option for backers to have their own character in the game, complete with custom facial features and skin tone! This pledge award will be featured at $50, along with other awards such as stickers and access to beta testing!

Thanks for all the support and I hope you consider funding my little project!

Posted by David Yi, Head Honcho at DVDcartoonz

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