Black Air Yeezy 2 x Bape

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Black Air Yeezy 2 x Bape

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  1. Hi. I want to do a Valentines Day special but with a few changes. 1) The shirt design in the two boy and girl Milo’s will be different. 2) The shoe designs on the boy and girl Milo’s will also be different. Could you quote me on a price for this please. Thanks.

    • Hello! Yes, both boy and girl shirt designs, pants, and shoes are customizable. Right now, I have a Valentine’s Bundle Special going on: Two Custom Bape Character Faces with both wearing the same shirt, pants, and shoe designs. It’s priced at $30, and after approval, will be available in 5 wallpaper/picture dimensions of your choice, as well as an option to print on a t-shirt for $24 via You can purchase this bundle on my site. Thanks for your comment!

      • I want the shirts to be different! How much for this extra requirement?


        • If you want two characters with anything different in the outfits, they would be treated as two separate custom milos for $20 each.

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