HypeBart! Hypebeast Bart Simpson

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Upon reading about A Bathing Ape collaborating with The Simpsons, I instantly had to get started on my own spin of the new Milo’d out characters! I’ve done a Bart and Homer Simpson BAPE avatar in the past, and it’s … Continued

Hip Hop Trooper BAPE Character

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Have you heard of the Hip Hop Trooper? He traded his laser blasters for a boombox and has travelled to Earth to teach humans how to get funky again. I recently discovered Hip Hop Trooper via Instagram posts about Comikaze, … Continued

Iron Man BAPE Character

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The BAPE Iron Man character is one of my most popular designs. I was inspired to do this from the Baby Milo and Marvel Comics t-shirts. I thought it would have been cool if Bape designed the Avengers themselves, rather … Continued

USC Outfit

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Next Saturday on September 28th, Doux Vape will be having its grand opening! It’s located right next to the USC campus off of Figueroa. There’s gonna be free prizes and giveaways, and I’ll be giving out free stickers as well! … Continued

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